Trapeta Mayson

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"Read" Excerpt:

Read when those bullies descend gawking

When they say you ugly and ordinary and nothing 
taunting and pointing
pressing and edging you
Books will save you
Strap them like a metal vest
Duck and weave
Spit out vocabulary to blunt their insults
Escape through the trap doors of prose
Dangle off the cliff of poetry and hold on


Poster:  READ    

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About Read: A poetic anthem for young people, especially young ladies, encouraging reading as a way to travel the world and writing as a means of survival.

Book:She Was Once Herself

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The story of an African immigrant woman artfully unravels through stirring poems about mental illness and immigration between the pages of "She Was Once Herself". Trapeta B.Mayson beautifully paints verbal images of transition, tragedy and celebration.

Happiness is a choice